Email ID-, Contact No.- +91 8327656722 / 9903205182

Ref. No. HMCEC/ANT-CMT/2019                                                                                                              DATE: 01/06/2019


Ant-ragging Committee is hereby constituted with following members to take effective measures and to monitor the undesirable activities of students. Ragging in any form is a crime which is strictly prohibited at HEMNALINI MEMORIAL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING.




Sl No. Name of the Faculty Department Mob No.
1. Malobika Bhattyacharya Director 8017656252 / 9903205182
2. Animesh Naskar(Asst. Prof.) FT 8910630833
3. Chiranjit Sarkar(Asst. Prof.) ME 9775523998
4. Amit Banerjee(Asst. Prof.) ME 7076530400
5. Kalyan Mahato(Asst. Prof.) ME 9804814347
6. Ruma Halder(Asst.Prof) CSE 7003792616



Sl No. Name of the Student Department Mob No.
1. Pjush Das Student (CE) 8016945538
2. Sayani Das Student (CSE) 7003905742
3. Shreyasi Dhali Student (ME) 8016971874
4. Alok Bala Student (CE) 9547267726
5. Sourav Das Student (CE) 9475337772


The Committee shall meet regularly once in a week. The Committee can lodge an F.l.R. to local police authorities. All other member must also always remain watchful to check ragging the college campus, canteen and buses, and ensure that the ragging is not even initiated.